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Case Studies for 1) Web Design/Application Development, 2) Mobile Application Strategy & Development, and 3) Digital Advertising (SEO, PPC, etc)

Web Design/Application Development Case Study:

Donna Franca Tours



We recreated Donna Franca Tours’ website to reflect the beauty of Italy…the romance of the country…the high quality of the company’s individual and group tours. The look and feel of the site was executed with responsive technology and a powerful content management system.

Donna Franca’s original website had fine written content – but the look and feel did not project the glory of Italy and the tours offered by the company. The site was visually and structurally irregular. Inconsistent structural guidelines and overload of mixed technologies had led to information being difficult to find, which decreases the usefulness of the website.

The aim was to create a world-class website with a fresh, clean design, coupled with well-organized communication elements – allowing Donna Franca Tours to actively create a positive image of the company and its services. The new design not only creates a modern web look. It also expresses the high quality of the company’s offerings and the beauty of Italy.

We completely redesigned the site, with expansive and extensive photography, which completely changed what the site conveyed to visitors. We used adaptive design, so the site appears beautifully on every device. We implemented Drupal Content Management System, so Donna Franca can make updates easily, in-house.

Donna Franca is not only happy with the new site. They are thrilled with the increase in business that clicked in almost immediately upon launch of the new site.

Mobile Application Strategy & Development Case Study: Torch Metrics

Torch Metrics is an on-line presentations coaching service that includes a survey. We provided mobile strategy consulting and mobile design and development services. The presenter gives the audience a link to a professionally-designed presentations survey in this application. The presenter receives metrics on 25 different presentation skills along with focused coaching advice on how to enhance or change certain skills. Over time the presenter can see (through charts and graphs) his or her progress. For individual use as well as company use. Imagine a company that would find out what their clients really think about their quarterly meeting presentations! This application features:

  • Automation of a presentation evaluation methodology: (DDD, or “Develop, Design, Deliver”)
  • Survey of attendees of presentations
  • Proprietary evaluation and recommendations of speaker performance
  • Simple interface to represent complex metrics

Digital Advertising Case Study: SEO and Pay-Per-Click

We assisted a Healthcare Provider with 7 locations with both an SEO and Pay-Per-Click campaign. Over a one year period, here are some things we were able to do:

  • Increase overall user sessions by almost 16%.
  • Increase PPC rate by 54%.
  • While Direct and Referral traffic had fallen for these clinics in the years prior to our work with them, our SEO and PPC efforts have more than made up the difference. Organic traffic has increased by 41.09%.

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